The extensive amenities are the heart of Cum’Unity and U-man. They ensure a social and convivial atmosphere that enhances the enjoyment of their working environment. Their occupants are surrounded by spacious and airy halls, landscaped gardens, panoramic terraces, and high quality services from their restaurants, amenable cafeterias, executive meeting rooms and fitness clubs.
All these amenity spaces offer exceptional quality in terms of their interior designed decoration by Alberto Pinto and their open layouts.

The quality of the connection has become vital for businesses and the comfort of employees. The same goes for connected tools which will soon be part of our daily lives.

Order a lunch or a taxi directly using the Com’Unity App!

The designers of Com’Unity and U-Man have perfectly integrated the absolute need to build buildings that promote connections. This imperative has given rise to material options which do not obstruct the field of the waves and especially to an infrastructure capable of hosting the new intelligent technologies (detectors and data).